As part of the Sounds From A Safe Harbour festival that took place over the past weekend in Cork, Justin Vernon and his bandmates played a sold out show in Cork Opera House on Friday night. Unfortunately for myself and many others, the limited number of tickets were gone in a matter of minutes when they were released a few months ago, but thankfully the entire performance has now been uploaded online and is available to watch for free.

The majority of the show’s setlist is taken from the band’s most recent album “22, A Million”, with some of their most popular songs from earlier releases being scattered throughout, including a captivating live version of “Woods” at the 31:00 minute mark. Towards the end of the show Justin invites a few of his famous friends to the stage as Irish singer Fionn Regan joins him for a live version of his own song “Abacus”, and stays onstage for Bon Iver’s “1000000 (Million)”, providing vocals for the section which samples him. Shortly after Fionn leaves, Bryce & Aaron Dessner of The National arrive to contribute to “33 GOD” and “The Wolves (Act I and II)”.

Watch the performance below.


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